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RBS Announces Plans to Move 443 Jobs to India

Royal Bank of Scotland is set to cut 443 jobs within the UK as it moves certain roles to India. The roles that will be cut are those which deal with business loans for small businesses and are being moved to India as part of an ‘ongoing cost-cutting drive.’ The Bank is still owned 73%… View Article

England to See Letting Agent Fees Banned

The government has announced its plans to ban letting agents’ fees within England. The ban comes more than six months after being first suggested, as the Queen’s Speech included a new Tenants’ Fees Bill which means tenants will no longer have to fork out money to pay agents. The suggestion was first made during the… View Article

Debt Struggles: 1 in 10 with no bed

Figures released from debt charity Christians Against Poverty have highlighted how one in ten of their clients do not actually have a bed to sleep in. The survey was carried out with those people who get support from the charity to ‘expose’ the harsh realities of living with debt that is out of control. Other… View Article

Payday Loan Complaints Continue to Rise

Despite the introduction of ‘strict’ regulations, complaints regarding payday loans have again risen. This is the second consecutive year that complaints regarding these types of loans have risen, even though new regulations were introduced with the aim of limiting charges from interest. During the financial year of 2016-2017, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) reported that… View Article

Spanish Bank Banco Popular Rescued from Collapse by Santander

Santander has stepped in to rescue Spanish bank Banco Popular after it almost collapsed. The bank is said to have been struggling after ‘billions in property investments turned sour.’ It is thought that the cost to Santander will be approximately £6.1bn (7bn euros), which is higher than analysts originally expected by 2bn euros. The European… View Article

Those in Debt Set to Benefit from Major Parties’ Manifestos

Those experiencing serious debt problems can expect further legal protection from charges, interest, and bailiffs under pledges made in the major parties’ manifestos. As concern continues to grow over personal debt levels within working households, both the Conservative and Labour parties have ‘vowed’ that ‘breathing space’ schemes used in Scotland will be extended in order… View Article

Lloyds Returns to the Private Sector

Eight years after the Government rescued Lloyds Banking Group during the financial crisis, they have announced their remaining shares have now all been sold. The Banking Group have claimed that the government is set to see a return of £21.2bn on its original investment of £20bn now that all shares have been sold. At the… View Article

Taxpayer to Profit £500m on Lloyds £20.3bn Bailout

Antonio Horta-Osorio, Chief Executive of Lloyds Banking Group has claimed that the taxpayer will be set to make a profit of approximately £500m on the £20.3bn bailout the bank received during the financial crisis. Shareholders have been informed that the bank is now ‘just days away’ from returning to ‘full private ownership’ after it was… View Article