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*After The Deadline*

A ruling called plevin could mean...
You can still claim back PPI

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4 Ways To Claim Back PPI After The Deadline

PPI New Check

Check to see if you have ever paid PPI and claim it back if your account was active after 2008.

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Partial Offer

Claim an additional PPI refund if you were only paid the commission and not the full PPI.

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Rejected PPI

Claim back a full PPI refund even if you bank previously rejected your PPI claim.

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PPI Tax Refund

Tax may have been incorrectly deducted from your claim and you could claim it back.

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PPI CLAIM SERVICES: We do not charge a fee for the PPI claim service. If PPI is identified and qualifies under the Plevin ruling, we will refer your claim to Fast Track Solicitors who work on a no win no fee basis. A fee of 24%, inclusive of VAT, will be payable to Fast Track Solicitors on all successful claim(s). In some cases litigation may be required and if so a fee of 42% inclusive of VAT is payable. Since this is a legal claim it cannot be submitted to the Financial Ombudsman. Click here to view terms and conditions.

PPI TAX SERVICES: We work on a No Win No Fee basis providing peace of mind that our claims are based on the end result. If your claim is successful we will deduct a fee of 36% inclusive of VAT. Click here to view terms and conditions.

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OTHER INFORMATION: Fast Track Reclaim work in collaboration with Fast Track Solicitors to claim back your PPI after the deadline - No Win No Fee*

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Would definitely recommend your company to others. Customer service friendly & efficient. Very satisfied with every aspect of dealing with Fast Track.
I would like to compliment you on the standard of your staff - so helpful and friendly and explained everything to me - so thank you Fast Track.
I can’t thank Fast Track enough for such an excellent result! The advisers are so lovely and helpful, they work so hard on your behalf to get you the best result.

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Why Fast Track Solicitors?

If you were sold PPI you may have unknowingly paid a significant amount of commission to your bank.

As a result, Fast Track Reclaim in collaboration with Fast Track Solicitors can claim back your PPI regardless of the deadline using the Plevin ruling.

Plevin is a legal argument and as such may result in litigation at county court level and the associated potential risks and consequences of court action.

Fast Track Solicitors have a 100% success rate and work on a 100% no win no fee* basis. There is ZERO cost involved if your claim is unsuccessful - so you have nothing to lose.

I received an offer and after acceptance, my cheque was issued without delay. Very impressed with the service received and efficient staff. Thank you!!!
Great service, got my PPI claim sorted out for me. I was very happy with the way this case was handled and very pleased with my PPI payment thank you very much.
A very professional experience from start to finish, with a more than satisfactory outcome. Would not hesitate to use them again if the need for their services arose again.

Missed The PPI Deadline?

Don't worry!

You Can Still Claim Your PPI Back

Due to a new legal ruling called Plevin

If your agreements were active any time after January 2009

DISCLAIMER: You do not need to use a claims management company to assess your eligibility for a Plevin Claim(s). You are free to seek advice elsewhere and are able to proceed with your Claim(s) directly through an alternate solicitor.