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“If you have a loan, credit card or mortgage with Santander, Barclays, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Natwest, RBS, Northern Rock or any other provider, you may be owed £1,000s in PPI Refunds !”

PPI Refunds

Our specialist PPI team can find out if you have paid PPI on any of your loans, credit cards and mortgages, both past and present, and in most cases without any need for documentation or account numbers. This is useful if you think you may have PPI but have lost the paperwork and cannot remember your account numbers.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI,) loan payment protection or loan insurance, is designed to cover the cost of your loan repayments should you become unemployed, or unable to work due to illness. Unfortunately, in many instances it was overpriced and may not have covered you in the way that you would have expected.

In other words, it may have been mis-sold and you could be due financial redress.

In some instances you may have payment protection insurance applied to your loan and not be aware of it!

In many cases, payment protection insurance premiums do not show on the lender’s financial statements as a payment for insurance, so you could be paying without even realising it.

Although it is useful have statements and other loan or credit card documentation in most cases we don't need the paperwork or even the account/agreement numbers to check ALL your agreements for PPI.

It's easy to apply. Just call FREEPHONE 08000 699 121, complete the online form or text ‘YES’ to 82727, and one of our friendly advisors will contact you to assist you with your potential claim.

You will discover very quickly if you could be due a PPI refund, and if you are, we will make sure you get the maximum benefit of your PPI claim against the lender.

No paperwork is required to get started. In most cases, all we need is the name of your bank. Even if you have lost your account numbers we can still help.

Complete the ‘Fast Track Your Claim Now’ form at the top of the page and let us do the work.