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Cancellation Form

You may terminate your agreement with FTR, in writing at any time. No cancellation fee will be charged if you decide to terminate this agreement prior to the claim being successful.

Your claim is deemed successful if we send a letter of complaint and you receive an offer (or any counteroffer) from the lender which you accept.

Upon signing the agreement you will have 14 days to cancel the agreement without any consequence or charge. This process is known as ‘cooling off’ and where FTR are instructed to do so they will acknowledge that the agreement has been terminated in writing.

You acknowledge that once a claim has been upheld and/or you receive any benefit from instructing FTR to bring a claim you will be liable to pay the contingency fee as set out at clause 3 of our terms and conditions. Termination of this agreement following such success will still incur the appropriate fee as outlined in point 3 of this agreement.

In some cases, FTR may decide that they are unable to continue to act for you. Examples of where this may occur are: if FTR cannot obtain clear instructions from you; if they believe that they will not be successful in your claim, or; if you have been given misleading instructions or information from you.

If you wish to cancel within the 'cooling off' period or at any point prior to receipt of a successful claim then please complete the form below. If you do cancel your claim after we have sent a letter of complaint outside the cooling off period then our contingency fee will apply if the claim is successful.

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