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Please find below the categories of Frequently Asked Questions relating to the PPI Reclaim service we offer. You can click on a category to see the related questions and answers which we hope will cover any queries you may have.


All general questions and answers concerning PPI Claims

How Do I Know I Have A Claim For PPI?

You may have bank statements or a credit agreement which shows that PPI has been applied to a credit card, loan or mortgage, which you currently have or have had in the past. If you have identified that you have paid PPI on your financial agreement, then you may be able to claim the monies back plus interest. If you are not sure whether you have paid PPI, then let us know which banks/lenders you have used in the past and we can find out for you.

What kind of claims can Fast Track Reclaim Undertake?

We can check all of your financial agreements for mis-sold payment protection insurance. We can conduct an audit of ALL of your credit cards, store cards, personal loans, secured loans and mortgage agreements, both past and present to find out if you have ever paid PPI.

How long will my claim take?

All claims are different, but the usual return on a PPI claim should be around 3-4 months. However, there may be a significant delay if there is a need to refer the claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Will I need to pay anything upfront?

Absolutely not. We pay all our own costs to pursue your claim. We charge a 20% + vat fee from the award made to you by the lender.

Will I be charged if my claim fails?

No. If your claim is not successful you will not be charged.

Will you claim back 100% of my premiums paid?

Yes, and this will be repaid to you in full. We will invoice you for our fee after you have received your settlement.

If I’ve closed my account some time ago, can you still help me make a claim?

Yes. In most cases, we can reclaim your PPI irrespective of whether the account is still open.

What information do you need to find out if I have paid PPI ?

We only require the name of your bank to get started. The only other information required would be your address, date of birth and any previous addresses. Any documents or statements pertaining to your loan, credit card or mortgage would be useful to have – however, it is not essential at this stage of the claim.

Do I need my loan or credit card paperwork to check if I have paid PPI?

No. You do not need any lender documentation to find out if you have paid PPI. Any documents or statements pertaining to your loan, credit card or mortgage would be useful to have – however, it is not essential at this stage of the claim.

I have lost my account numbers from my old credit cards and loans. Can I find out if I have a claim?

Yes. We do not require your account numbers to find out if you've paid PPI. In most cases, all we require is your name and the name of your bank(s), both current and historical, with which you have entered into a financial agreement.

How do I know I have paid PPI?

If you have statements then you can check for PPI payments. However, if you simply don't know, then we will find out for you without the need for any paperwork or even account numbers. As long as you remember the name of the lenders, then we will do the rest. Simple.

Does a claim affect my credit rating?

Making a PPI refund claim will not affect your credit rating in the slightest. If we reclaim any money, it is only money that you deserve and money that the company has admitted taking off you unlawfully.


Questions and answers relating to the PPI Claim Pack (how to complete and information required)

How do I get a PPI Claim Pack?

Simply call FREEPHONE 08000 699 121 or text the word 'YES' to 82727 and we will post the pack(s) to you

How do I complete the Claim Pack?

All we require is for you to sign and date where indicated within the pack and complete the extra information sheet. Please read each

document before signing.

Why do you need to know my previous addresses?

The more information you can provide concerning previous addresses and/or previous names (if applicable), the better this will assist us to identify you at the bank, and locate any PPI agreements which are attached to any previous addresses.

How can you claim back PPI with just the name of my Bank?

We have spent many months working in close co-operation with ALL the major high street banks developing a system which enables us to identify PPI on all agreements relating to you as a client, and not a specific agreement.

Is the PPI Claim pack hard to complete?

No, the only essential information that we need is the bank name and your signature. As long as you have signed in each red box we can process all the PPI claims you have with that particular bank. All you need to do is:

  • Check we have your details correct in each Pack (one per bank/lender)
  • Sign where indicated within the claims pack and additional sheets
  • Complete the Further Information Sheet & sign 3 X Duplicate Letters of Authority
  • Tick the main reasons why you believe you may have been mis-sold each PPI policy
  • Simply return to us and we will complete your claim process for you

How Many PPI Claim Packs Do I Need To Complete?

This depends upon the number of banks you have used for credit cards, loans and mortgages in the past or which are currently active. We need to send one PPI Claim Pack to each bank. So if you have had credit cards and loans with Barclays, Halifax and LLoyds, you will need to complete 3 packs.

How do I know how many PPI claims I have with each bank?

Leave that to us. We will let you know after we submit your completed pack to the lender using our 'pre-submission' process.

How long does it take to find out if I have a PPI Claim?

It usually takes around 4-6 weeks to receive a full disclosure from your bank. We will receive information concerning every single agreement you have ever taken out with the bank and whether or not you have paid PPI.

Why do I need to sign and return duplicate letters of authority?

We require letters of authority to deal with both the 'pre-submission' process - to find out the specific agreements on which you have paid PPI - and also to issue a full letter of complaint on those which have been identified with PPI. For example, just one PPI Claim Pack sent to Barclays may result in multiple agreements with PPI.


Questions and answers relating to the progress of a PPI Claim after a PPI Claim pack has been submitted

Why have I received a letter/text message saying that I will be called to complete a questionnaire?

When we identify PPI on agreements after processing your claim pack, we need to provide the bank with some details regarding the sale of the PPI in order to assist them make a fair decision on whether the PPI was mis-sold and, if so, issue you with a PPI refund. This is good news for you, as it means that you could be on your way to a PPI payout.

What happens after I send back my completed PPI Claim Pack?

We will acknowledge safe receipt of your PPI Claim pack by text. We will contact the lender and make a 'pre-submission request' for the lender to disclose all the financial agreements you have had historically and whether PPI has been sold with any of those products.

What happens when you discover I have paid PPI on agreements I have taken out with the bank?

We will contact you by telephone to inform of the credit cards/loans/mortgages on which you have paid PPI. We will inform you of the account numbers and start dates of the PPI policies and ask you a few questions in relation to the sale of the policy(s). The purpose of the questions is to enable us to formulate a detailed Letter of Complaint to forward to the bank demonstrating that the PPI was mis-sold. This bespoke letter of complaint will provide the lender with all the information they require to make the correct decision concerning your claim and offers you the best opportunity of receiving a PPI refund.

I can't remember much about the sale of PPI, in fact I didn't even know it existed on my financial agreement with the bank. How can I answer questions about the sale?

Don't worry. Many of our clients are totally surprised to find they have paid PPI on their financial agreements such as old credit cards, loans and mortgages and do not recall the sale at all. All we need to know is as much detail as you recall. If you have no recollection then this is part of the complaint.

What happens if I have not paid any PPI on any of my agreements?

We will inform you in writing and your case will be closed. There is no charge for this service.


Questions and answers in relation to cases which have been rejected by the lender for a PPI refund

What if my claim is rejected?

Some claims can be rejected by the bank / card companies.

If you receive a letter from your bank rejecting your complaint, you must let us know as soon as possible. We should have been sent a copy also. However, it's important that we hit the deadline for any appeal we can make to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). We will address any points raised by the banks on your behalf.

What is the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme)

In some cases we have to refer cases that are not rejected, but where the company who sold you the PPI policy has gone out of business. The FSCS is the independent organisation that handles these PPI complaints. It will review your claim in a similar way to the banks. We will forward you documentation in relation to cases which qualify.


Questions and answers in relation to cases which have been completed and a refund for PPI has been achieved

I have had an offer letter. What do I do? Why do you need to check it?

Sometimes the bank's figures are different to those we believe you should be receiving for your PPI claim. We will need to question incorrect figures immediately, in order to ensure you do not lose your money. To ensure quick settlement, please call our settlements department on the direct line 01642 309320

I think I am entitled to more money than has been offered by my bank. What can I do?

If you have any proof, for example statements etc, we would ask you to forward this documentation to us and we will investigate the claim further with the lender. Please send to our main office address.


Questions and answers in relation to any invoice or billing queries

When will I receive my invoice?

When you receive your offer letter we will enclose our pro-forma invoice notifying you of the fees due when your settlement is received from the bank. Please keep aside the claim money needed to pay the invoice. A statement will be sent to you once we have received your payment from the funds you have received from the bank

How do I pay your invoice if my PPI refund has been taken from the arrears on my loan/credit card?

In this instance, we may be able to arrange a payment plan to suit your individual circumstances. Ultimately, you would not be placed into a worse financial position by making a claim, even though the monies received are not paid to yourself, but instead towards the arrears on the account.

I haven't received my settlement yet, so how do I pay your invoice?

Our fees are not payable until you have received your settlement, however, it is normal practice from all major lenders to provide settlement within 28 days of acceptance of the offer. In the unusual instance that settlement has not been received within this timeframe, we will pursue the lender on your behalf to speed up payment.


Questions and answers in relation to cases which have been rejected by the lender for a PPI refund

How do I know I was rejected?

You should have received a final decision letter from your lender when you complained about PPI stating they thought the PPI was a suitable option for you.

What is a concealed commission claim?

A Concealed Commission Claim is based on a new Supreme Court legal ruling which stems from the decision in a recent court case ‘Plevin v Paragon Finance’ and the changes made in 2006 to the Consumer Credit Act 1974. This applies to PPI if at the time of the sale of the policy an undisclosed commission was paid to the lender or broker. If this is the case it can be determined that an unfair relationship has arose if the commission exceeded 50% of the cost of the PPI policy. If your account with the lender was still active after April 2008, Fast Track Reclaim may potentially be able to overturn your rejected claim and gain you compensation.