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Below you can find some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. Click on a question to see the answer; or if you can't find an awser, enter your question (more than 1 word) in the box below to search our FAQ database.

General FAQs

How can I contact you?

Please refer to the Contact tab at the top of the website or for any other queries you can email

How much are your fee's?

We work on a No Win No Fee basis providing peace of mind that our claims are based on the end result.
Tax Claims - If your claim is successful we will deduct a fee of 36% plus VAT subject to a minimum charge of £30 inc VAT. Where the value of the rebate received from HMRC falls below £30 inc VAT, we will limit our Fee to the total amount of the rebate received.
Payday Loan claims & Packaged Bank Account Claims - Where a claim is successful we will charge a contingency fee representing no more than 30% plus VAT (36% total) at the prevailing rate (currently 20%) in respect of any redress/compensation/goodwill payment recovered on your behalf. 

Can I cancel my claim if I have changed my mind?

Yes, you have a 14 day cooling off period from the date you signed.

Tax Refund FAQs

Can you claim back tax paid on a PPI refund?

Yes, you can reclaim the tax you paid on your successful PPI claim. You can claim for this tax year and the 4 previous tax years as set by HMRC.

What are the types of Tax I can claim for and reasons I could claim a Tax Refund?

We can process claims for PPI Tax, Marriage Allowance, Mileage, uniform and work at home claims, to see the reasons you could claim on each of these products visit the Services tab at the top of the website.

How long can I go back in my claim to HMRC for Tax?

You can claim for this tax year and the 4 previous tax years as set by HMRC.

Can I claim if I pay 40% tax?

Usually clients who pay over 40% in tax will submit their own self assessments which need to be sent to HMRC directly through their tax return. If you do not complete a tax return through self-assessment, you would need to discuss with HMRC.

How long will a tax claim take to be processed by HMRC?

The majority of claims are completed within 6-12 weeks. During busy times or for more complex claims, HMRC may take up to 20 weeks.
If the claim is successful, we aim to get cheques posted out to customers within 28 days of receiving the tax rebate cheque from HMRC.
Remember, we only get paid when you get your refund, so we continue to liaise with HMRC after we have submitted your claim to ensure we get back every penny you are owed as soon as possible.

Why do you need further information from me once my claim has been sent to HMRC?

As Tax calculations can sometimes be complex, HMRC may at times need an extra piece of information from the client to work out the correct amount to refund. Where this happens we will be in touch to request it.

If I claim Marriage allowance, who recieves a refund me or my partner?

We can claim this benefit for all married couples or civil partners, where one of the partners earns less than £50,000 per year. The other partner will either be unemployed or earning less than £12,500 a year. Where this is the case HMRC will transfer some of the low/no earning partners tax-free allowance to the tax paying partner, and they will recieve the refund.

What Mileage can I claim for?

If you use your own vehicle for business use whilst at work, then you may be entitled to receive mileage allowance if your employer doesnt fully reimburse you for the miles you have claimed. This money is intended to cover fuel, wear and tear and any other costs associated with the maintenance and use of your personal vehicle.

HMRC have advised my refund has been sent to you, when will I receive my cheque?

As your agent, HMRC will send refunds directly to us so that we can distribute it, but on occasion they may send the cheque to you.
It usually takes HMRC 2-3 weeks to send the refund to us following the letter.
Once we receive it, we aim to process the cheque to you within 28 days.

Can you send my payment via bank transfer rather than a cheque?

No sorry, due to security reasons and part of internal AML (Anti Money Laundering) rules, payment needs to be made by cheque. This confirms to us that the address provided to us in the tax rebate application is genuine.

I've lost my cheque, can you send a new one?

Yes, we can re-issue your cheque, however, there will be a fee of £30. This fee is to cover the cost of cancelling your original cheque and associated administration costs.
Please allow up to 28 days for replacement cheque to be posted out.

Packaged Bank Account FAQs

What is a Packaged Bank Account?

A Packaged Bank Account, or PBA, is an account with a bank where the customer is required to pay a fee each month. This fee usually ranges from £5 - £30 and provides the customer with certain benefits for paying it. These are things such as mobile phone insurance, travel insurance and vehicle breakdown insurance. These accounts were often given names such as Silver, Gold or Platinum Accounts to make them more attractive to consumers.

Is PBA the Same as PPI?

No, PBA and PPI are two different products which were sold to cover different things. Whereas a PBA is sold to customers through the various benefits it offers, PPI is an insurance product sold to customers with credit accounts to cover repayments should they be unable to make these due to things such as redundancy or illness. A PBA is a bank account which has been upgraded; PPI is an insurance product attached to a credit account.

How Do I Know if I Have a PBA?

If the name of your bank account is something such as Silver, Gold, or Platinum, then the chances are this is a PBA. You can also identify this by looking at your bank statements and checking if a monthly fee is charged to you from your bank; this could be for your bank account.

Why Were PBA’s Mis-sold?

PBA’s were found to have been mis-sold for various reasons. One of the main reasons was that banks ran incentive schemes for their sales staff, meaning that the more PBA’s they sold, the higher the bonus they would be rewarded.

Do I need to provide any information for the claim?

We need to know the name of the Bank your account was held with, and where possible details of the account such as the account number as this helps speed up the processes.

Payday Loan FAQs

What is a Payday Loan (PDL)?

A Payday Loan is a loan of a relatively small amount that is designed to help ‘tide’ the borrower over till their payday. The loan will be paid into the borrower’s bank account and the full amount – including interest and any charges – must be paid back at the end of the month. Though these loans were and are highly convenient, they came with high interest attached and were also often mis-sold.

How Long Does a Payday Loan Claim Take?

The lender has 28 days within which to acknowledge receipt of the claim, they are then required to provide a final decision within 8 weeks.

What is the Process for Making a Claim?

You can begin a claim on our website by entering the lender names and a few personal details. You will then be presented with a short questionnaire regarding your PDL. This questionnaire aims to identify information regarding the sale of the PDL and your circumstances at the time of borrowing. A Letter of Complaint (LOC) will then be created and sent to the lender who will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 28 days. The lender will then aim to come to a final decision within 12 weeks. If for any reason the lender requires a longer time period to investigate your claim, we will inform you of this as soon as is possible.

Common Complaint Points

The most common complaint points for PDL claims are:

  • Income and expenditure and credit history were not thoroughly checked
  • Vulnerabilities and mental health were not checked
  • No checks were done when extending the loan to ensure this was affordable
  • Not told how to make a complaint

Though these are the most common, the above list is not all complaint points that we hear from our clients.

Why Should I Make My Claim with You?

We are an experienced Claims Management Company with a reputable process. We possess the required skills and knowledge to deal with your claim, and we also have good working relationships with the majority of lenders.

How will I get my refund?

In most cases the Lender will require your bank details to transfer the refund directly to you, if this is the case, we will be in touch when nessassary. If you still have a balance on a Loan, the Lender may reduce this as part of the resolution and this will directly be applied to your outstanding loan.