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Please find below some Frequently Asked Questions relating to the Payday Loan service we offer. You can click on a question to see the answers which we hope will cover any queries you may have.


All questions concerning Payday Loans Claims

How Do Your Fees Compare?

Our fees are 30% plus VAT which is the average for the industry.

Is Your Service Really No Win No Fee?

Yes! If your claim is unsuccessful, we charge you nothing.

How does the process work?

We complete a questionnaire with you and create a letter of complaint tailored to your individual complaint points.

Then what happens?

The lender must acknowledge your complaint within 21 days and they have 8 weeks to provide a final decision – a response to our complaint.

What Evidence is Required?

In most cases just the account number but if you have any other supporting paperwork, this will help your claim.

How Long Does a Claim Take?

Generally we have responses in the above timescales but if we are not happy with the response, we may choose to send the individual case to the Financial Ombudsman (F.O.S) to be investigated further. This then falls into the F.O.S. timescales

How Successful Are You?

As a company we have been very successful over the years. We have been providing claims management services since 2007

How Can I Contact You?

Call our contact centre on 01642309323, use our webchat on or mail

Can I Claim Myself?

You can of course make a claim yourself but why do it yourself when we can do it for you?

How Will Claiming Impact on My Credit Rating

If your claim is successful and you were mis-sold, the lender may remove any negative listings on your credit file. If unsuccessful, there should be no impact.