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How It Works

PPI Claims - 100% Online - We Just Need The Name!

Our FREE PPI Check service is the quickest & easiest online - GUARANTEED!

All we need is the name of your bank to discover if you've ever paid PPI on all your loans, credit cards and mortgages - even if you don't have them anymore

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Get A Free PPI Check

Click on the 'Check Now' button and tick every loan, credit card & mortgage you've ever had from the list of lenders displayed.

Step 2: Provide Your Contact Details - Both Past & Present

Provide your current and previous addresses so that the bank can locate all your present and historic agreements to find out if you have ever paid PPI. It is important to include all previous addresses so that PPI can be discovered from those old agreements which may be the most valuable in terms of a refund.

Step 3: Sign The Letter Of Authority Online

Your authority is required to start the Free PPI Check process. Without your signature we are unable to check your PPI. It is important that your signature mathes the one held with the bank otherwise your PPI agreements will not be found. Please take time ensuring the signature matches.

Step 4: Agree To Our Terms & Conditions

The Final step is agreeing to the terms of the Free PPI Check. The PPI Check is a no, obligation, free check. We will provide the results of the Free PPI check by email free of charge. You can choose to use our services to claim back your PPI at this point.

Step 5: Complete An Online Questionnaire

Once PPI has been identified then we will need to demonstrate that it has been mis sold. Our specialist advisers have over 8 years experience in claiming back PPI for our customers having claimed back over £250 Million in PPI refunds. We will formulate a letter of complaint which has best opportunity of success. We will also include legal arguments which have proven successful even in cases where the PPI has not been mis sold and our customers still receive a payout. Our success rate for cases which have PPI is over 90%

Step 6: Your PPI refund is paid

If your complaint is upheld then a payout can made very quickly. In some cases the settlement can be completed in a matter of weeks and the monies are usually paid direct to you

If you think you may have taken out PPI or simply unsure, we can check EVERY credit card and loan you’ve EVER had to find out if you are due a PPI refund – Just the name of the bank will do!