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How It Works

PPI Claims – We Just Need The Name!

Our Payment Protection Insurance claims service is fast, simple and with NO UPFRONT FEES.

We'll audit all your agreements to discover if you have paid PPI. We just need the name of your credit card or loan provider to find out if you have paid PPI

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Make an enquiry

You can do this in one of three ways.

  • Submit the ‘Take The Fast Track Your PPI Refund NOW!’ form to the right of this page
  • Call the FREEPHONE number 08000 699 121
  • Text the word ‘YES’ to 82727

We'll determine whether you may have a PPI Claim and, if so, send you a claims’ pack in the post.

Step 2: We'll assess your claim even without account numbers

Don’t worry if you have lost or can’t remember your account/agreement numbers, in nearly all cases we can find out if you have a paid PPI if you provide us with just the name of the lender. In close co-operation with all high street lenders we have developed a special process to find out all the agreements, both past and present, on which a particular lender has sold PPI. Once the PPI is identified, we will contact you with information regarding the PPI agreement. We will assist you with a questionnaire which addresses any recollection you may have about the sale with a view to present your case of mis sold PPI to the lender and provide the best opportunity for an early settlement.

Step 3: Your PPI refund is paid

If your complaint is upheld then a payout can made very quickly. In some cases the settlement can be completed in a matter of weeks and the monies are usually paid direct to you!

If you think you may have taken out PPI or simply unsure, we can check EVERY credit card and loan you’ve EVER had to find out if you are due a PPI refund – Just the name of the bank will do!