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Fast Track Reclaim Key Facts


Quickly Finance Limited ('hereafter referred to as the Firm') will advise, investigate a potential PPI claim, on the client’s behalf, against relevant third parties to include a free check for PPI (‘hereafter referred to as the provision of claims management services').

In the course of providing claims management services the Firm will take steps to establish that the client and the respondent(s) have/had a relationship, obtain relevant information to investigate the merits of the claim(s) and, where merit is established, refer the claim to Joseph James (LS) Limited trading as Fast Track Solicitors on behalf of the client. The Firm will keep the client updated in writing when there are material updates and no less than 6 monthly.

Client Obligations

The client must provide the Firm with all documentation likely to be needed to pursue the claim(s), complete the necessary paperwork required and promptly communicate all relevant information to the Firm throughout the PPI Check process.

Service Fees

There is no charge for the PPI check.

If PPI is discovered we will refer the case to Fast Track Solicitors a trading style of Joseph James (LS) Limited Company Registration Number: 09941975 VAT Number: 241 0111 80 Authorised And Regulated By The Solicitors Regulation Authority - Number 628597 to make a claim against the Lender and if necessary, upon your consent, take legal action to claim back your PPI.

Fast Track Solicitors work on a no win no fee* basis. If your claim is successful, Fast Track Solicitors charge a fee of 24% including VAT, if legal action is not required. In the event that legal action is required, the fee will be 42% including VAT.

Fast Track reclaim are paid a referral fee by Fast Track Solicitors for every case where PPI is discovered.

Right to Cancel

The client can cancel this agreement at any time within 14 days of a PPI Check being submitted without giving any reason and without incurring any liability.