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PPI Claim PPI Tax Rebate (Settled Claim)

Did You Make A PPI Claim Before The August 2019 Deadline?

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Did You Miss The Deadline But Still Want To Claim?

Check for PPI and claim it back after the deadline

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Did Your Bank Pay You A Partial Settlement?
(ie. a payment based on commission only)

If so, would you like to claim a FULL PPI refund?

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Did Your Bank Completely Reject Your Claim?

Claim a full PPI refund even if your original claim was rejected

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Was Tax Deducted From Your PPI Refund?

Claim back the tax you have already paid

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We Cannot Assist You At This Time

Unfortunately we cannot help you at this time. You may be interested in claiming on a bank account or a payday loan.

Click here to make a claim on a packaged bank account.
Click here to make a claim on a payday loan.